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Search Engine Optimization may be the wisest investment you make in your company in this market. SEO taps into the traffic looking for services and goods through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The aim of this package is to take your site and promote it up the search results for high traffic and profitable keywords that relate to your business. These words and phrases are looking for your services.

Even if your competition have not embarked on their own SEO campaign, it’s just a question of time before they start. Either way, we’re ready to help you begin your SEO campaign. With our powerful and unique competitive research, we make certain you get the very best gains, particularly over the direct competition. For many independent companies, a well-executed SEO campaign means the difference between barely getting by and raking in the profits.

If your business also relies on brick and mortar sales, or as may be the case, wholly relies on brick and mortar sales, then investing in Local SEO is an essential step to complete success. Local SEO is a great complement to SEO as it provides the same benefits in your local market. By optimizing your local credibility in terms of citations and reputation building, we help your business to the top of the local listings when potential customers search for things like “dog grooming”, “hardware store”, or whatever your business is all about! Nothing attracts more customers like appearing at the top of local search results with a 5 star rating.

SEO Package – What’s included:

Keyword Research

Each SEO campaign starts with keyword research. Our goal is to identify the most rewarding keywords that will be the easiest for your website to win. During this phase we analyze the search traffic produced by keywords relevant to your business, and comparing that to your competition. To properly begin working on your rankings, we have to find your competition for important keywords, investigate the strength of their web campaigns, and examine opportunities for high-quality keywords and phrases they may have missed. We also pay close attention to everything the competition are doing to get you the best edge.

Ranking Reports

We stay on top of all of our client’s sites and are constantly monitoring them for any changes (even minor ones) so we can react accordingly. We send out reports to our clients to keep them updated, as well. We’re proud of the results we deliver, it’s our pleasure to share that excitement with you.

Google Analytics

This is an exceptional tool used in the web industry to keep an eye on many different metrics related to site traffic. It allows us to learn how traffic is finding your site (through links, search results, or if users type in the url directly themselves), what it does, and how well it’s performing for you. This allows us to customize our efforts to your site and progress, delivering you the very best return on investment for our time, and your money.

Local Maps Optimization

Especially as smart phones become increasingly popular, the use of web applications such as Google Maps becomes a more common resource for customers looking for a location to shop. With Local Maps Optimization, all your current and verified information is added to these mapping applications so customers find you when searching. This will also increase your credible citations count.

Citation Building

Much of SEO today is trust. The more trust a search engine places in your site, the better it will rank. The same goes for local optimization. When search engines like Google see your same address across many citations sites (yellow book, yelp, etc.) it can be assured you’re a real business and that’s your correct information. The more Google can trust you, the better chance your site has for showing up in local searches.

Keywords: 4

keywords are at the core of any SEO campaign’s success. Keywords are the term used for the words and phrases that real people put into search engines. All campaigns receive an extremely highly researched list of target keywords selected to gain you the biggest quantity of search traffic which is highly focused and most suitable to convert.

Onsite Optimization

A vital component of SEO, onsite optimization basically is the process of making your site look and behave its best. This adds authority to your web site permitting search engines to treat the target site like it is more trusted. This step consists of a detailed analysis of your site based primarily on the keywords identified in our research, current web standards for display and structure, and today’s best practices for SEO. Our company (if granted proper credentials) will make these needed changes, and in either case, we supply you with a total detailed report on your current state of onsite optimization.

English Writers

All of our written materials are created by professional writers who are native speakers of English. Our writers are based in the U.S., alongside everyone from our administrators to the link building team.

Articles: 1

We write a new, original article for each of our clients every month. These articles contain well thought out content that is used to market your website or services via keyword targeting, and in-text links. These articles are then sent out to many writing communities.

Blog Posts: 2

Do you have a blog for your business yet? Keeping a blog lets you have more opportunities to interact with users, creates more content associated with your website, and – if posted to regularly – acts as a signal to search engines to crawl your site more often. Our writers will create two posts for your site each month. Our blog posts are carefully considered, address highly interesting subject matter, and are excellent quality. If you have a functional blog, we can help you add one.

Monthly Content Submissions: 25

Content Submission is the process of publishing new written content related to your keywords on an article site or writing repository. Like every part of our SEO plans, there isn’t any automation. All submissions are hand done, guaranteeing the best quality and 100% approval rate from respected article directories, unlike some SEO servicers.

Blog Commenting

We use the keywords from your SEO campaign to make topical comments on blogs where suitable, including links to diversify, and build your back link profile. Clients can opt out of this if they prefer.

Social Bookmarking

One of the biggest changes in how search engines rank sites has been to pay more attention to “social signals” when figuring out the relative merits of websites. Websites that show up frequently on social sites such as Digg and Reddit, are more likely to be interesting to users, and as a result are placed higher in search engine rankings. We make sure that your website is included in these important lists, increasing your link count and creating more potential for direct traffic.

Reputation Management

There are a lot of sites a potential customer can find and post reviews for your business on. Marketing Massachusetts will constantly monitor these social media sites for any negative content and report any instances directly to you.

Monthly Reviews Posted

Should the client want to provide a review per month for us to post, we will distribute the review appropriately. Boost your company’s confidence and reputation on the web by letting your satisfied customers be heard!

How are we different from other SEO providers? We put in the time and energy to do things responsibly: hand written content, high-quality backlinks, and no automation. Many of our existing clients have hired other SEO businesses in the past, and had a bad experience. Content is the most important thing: too little and your website goes nowhere, but if it’s not good content you risk getting hit with penalties. We don’t resort to using automated spam or junk content, and the difference is plain to see. It may be more difficult to make high-quality content for your website, but it’s worth the extra time.

We customize our SEO plans to the particular needs of every client. No two sites are identical, and they won’t rank well in the same precise way. That is what makes our company so special – we’re devoted to making sure your project is done efficiently, effectively, and ultimately the right way. No spam.

Pricing Plan

Our pricing is based off man hours spent on the numerous bits and pieces of your SEO campaign. There are no contracts or long term commitments. None of our plans have hidden charges. You just pay the first month charge which incorporates the start up costs (research, planning, reporting, and much more) and the 1st month’s work, followed by the monthly plan cost. Invoices must be paid on time to guarantee the stability of your SEO campaign.


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Click the Subscribe button to get your monthly SEO started. After subscribing, you will be taken to a page to enter your contact details. Once these have been entered, we will contact you within 48 hours so we can start your campaign.

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