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Search Engine Optimization is an important investment for any sort of business. SEO taps into the great amount of people out there searching for services and goods through search engines. This package’s target is to take your site and push it to the top of the rankings for high traffic and lucrative keywords that relate to your business. These words and phrases are looking for your services.

If you are not making an investment in SEO to get in front of your competition, you will most likely need to start just to keep up. Even if the competition have not begun their own SEO efforts, it’s only a matter of time until they get to it. Either way, we’re here for you. With our custom competitive analysis, we take care to make certain you get the best gains, particularly over your direct competition. For many firms, a well-executed SEO campaign could spell the difference between scraping by and clawing in the profits.

SEO Package – What’s included:

Advanced Keyword Research

Each SEO campaign starts with keyword research. Our aim is to uncover the most valuable keywords with the least relevant competition. During this phase we are investigating the search traffic produced by keywords relevant to your business or product, and comparing that to your competition. This covers strength of competition, how many competitors you are facing, and identity of competition. We also pay very close attention to all of the things the competition have done to promote their business and are sure to give you the best competitive edge.

Ranking Reports

We watch over our customer’s sites and are constantly monitoring them for changes (both bad and good) so we are able to react accordingly. We send out monthly reports to our customers to keep them updated, as well. We don’t ever leave you in the dark! We are so pleased with the results we provide, are excited to share that excitement with you too.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool used in the web industry to analyze the traffic coming in to your site. It permits us to know where traffic is coming from, what it does, and how well it’s performing for you. This allows us to customize our efforts to your site and progress, offering our clients the very best results.

Target Keywords: 4

Selecting keywords to target with your SEO campaign is probably the most important choices we make, which is why we put in the work to identify the best ones. Our SEO team chooses 4 keywords for your website, based on the difficulty of getting high results with that keyword, the expected traffic from winning those keywords, and relevance.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization basically is the process of changing some specific things on your site to improve functionality and be sure it follows current web standards. This adds authority to your site causing search engines to treat the target site as though it is more trustworthy. This step consists of an in-depth analysis of your web site based mostly on the keywords identified in our research, current web standards for display of the site, and best practices for SEO. Our company (if given necessary permissions from the client) will make these needed changes, and in either case, we supply you with a complete detailed report on the present state of onsite optimization.

Blog Commenting

Using keywords from your SEO campaign, we add relevant comments on blog posts where it is appropriate, including links to improve, grow your link profile. Clients can decide to opt out of this component if they would like. As with our other written content, blog comments are created by native English speakers with respect for the websites where comments are posted.

Social Bookmarking

An important recent change in how search engines rank websites has been to pay more attention to “social signals” when figuring out the relevance of websites. Websites that show up frequently on social websites such as Reddit and Digg, are more likely to interest users, and as a result are given better search engine results. We get your website listed on these sites, increasing your link count and giving you more opportunities for direct traffic.

Content Submissions: 25

This is the process of publishing new written content relevant to your keywords on an article site or writing repository. Like all our processes, we don’t use any automation. All submissions are hand done for quality. Additionally, our articles have a near 100% approval rate from respected article sites, unlike most SEO providers.

Blog Posts: 2

Do you maintain a blog for your company? Maintaining a blog gives you more opportunities to connect with users, creates more content on your website, and – if updated frequently – informs search engines to crawl your site more frequently. Our writers will put together two posts for your website each month. Our blog posts are well thought out, have highly relevant subject matter, and are always high quality. If you already have a working blog, we can help you add one.

Monthly Articles: 1

Every month, articles are written for all of our customers. These articles contain well researched content which is used to market your website through keyword targeting, and in-text links. These articles are then sent to many writing communities and article directories, abiding by SEO best practices.

Unlimited Phone/Email Support

We don’t limit your access to customer support. We’re always available, whether you’re a current customer, past client, or if you’re thinking about becoming a customer. Feel free to call or e-mail any time, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Emergency support is available late nights, weekends, and most holidays.

In what ways are we different from other SEO providers? Our plans combine the busy schedule that is needed to get solid results with the human touch that makes results stick. Most of our customers have used other SEO providers in the past, and have ended up either penalized for automated work or not getting anywhere as their timid SEO servicer inches along. Content is the only thing that matters: not enough and your website stays put in the rankings, but if it isn’t good content you may get hit with penalties and complaints. We don’t resort to using automated spam or terrible content, and the difference is plain to see. It may do things the correct way, but it’s worth it.

Our plans are extremely dynamic, adapting to the specific needs of every client. No two sites are exactly identical, and they don’t require the same types of search engine rankings to get results. That is what separates our company from the others – we are dedicated to ensuring your project is handled properly. No automation, no spam.

Pricing Plan

Our prices are based off of hours spent to complete all of the numerous components of your campaign. We won’t force you into any long-term commitments. All of our plans have no hidden costs. You simply pay the first month charge which includes the start-up costs and the first month’s work, followed by the monthly plan cost. Invoices must always be paid punctually to ensure the stableness of your SEO campaign.


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Click the Subscribe button to get your monthly SEO started. After subscribing, you will be taken to a page to enter your contact details. Once these have been entered, we will contact you within 48 hours so we can start your campaign.

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